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Taiwan School and Buxiban (Cram) Map

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School pages

Data Base

Township data Retrieve an complete information listing of the available schools in Kaohsiung
County data Retrieve an complete information listing of the available schools in Hsinchu County
District data Retrieve an complete information listing of the available schools in North District


This is an first prototype , therefore please provide feedback 
CONTACT the designer of this demo by pressing the envelope Mail-send.png 
or email directly to qbox4u@gmail.com

Main Goal

The main goal of this side is to collect useful information of all individual schools in taiwan dedicated to foreign teachers

To do so, i would appreciate help in the form of constructive comments and data

I have many ideas of how we could combine feedback information into an side where all teachers could have benefit from

The below map is only an first SCRATCH setup, but there will be much more coming





Computers are made to make life easy, so let's use this for this purpose also

Contacted commercial 3th parties

We have contacted the following (non profit?) organisations to cooperate with qbox4u 
in order to share relevant data, by which we can supply you as a potential teacher
more information   
company web side Result
esl job taiwan eslcafe.com Still Waiting for an responce
teach taiwan teachtaiwan.com Still Waiting for an responce
esl dewey esldewey.com Still Waiting for an responce
As you can see, company feedback is perhaps an unknown english word.
Draw your own conclusions about the company trustworthy whenever you require any feedback from them