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Hy folks

We are glad to see you around at the QBox4u Millionaire's Club portal

For new members This is your first step to become a Millionaire

Please nose around inside the QBox4u

Check and absorb every preliminary page of QBox support and Thinking outside the box

After that, you can start with making your own big money

Be my guest and create afterwards also your first personal secured and encrypted interface by these QBox support pages

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The Latest QBOX4U ABC School information pages
  1. User:Maintenance script
  2. Create an App Google Map cluster
  3. Create an App Google Map interface
  4. File:Debug monitor 003.JPG
  5. File:Bluetooth 001.png


We Provide you an complete beginners structure to learn computer handling and programming

Just follow the lessons one by one, and at the end you will be an expert  
Lesson Level Link Description
1 Elementary
Grade 2-6
Teach 01.png
QBox WIKI Beginner lessons
2 Elementary
Grade 3-6
Html5 01.png
QBox HTML5 Beginner lessons
3 Junior High
Grade 6-9
Css 01.png
QBox CSS Beginner lessons
4 Junior High
Grade 6-9
JavaScript 01.png
QBox JavaScript Beginner lessons
5 Junior High
Grade 6-9
GraphvizLogo 01.png
QBox GraphViz Beginner lessons
6 Junior High
Grade 6-9
Source-php 01.png
QBox (mediawiki) PHP Beginner lessons
7 High school
Grade 9+
MediaWiki-extensions-icon 02.png
Create QBox Mediawiki Extensions Beginner lessons
8 University
QNAP TS-459-Pro NAS Front.jpg
QBox Server tech <in preparation>
9 University
TQM 04.png
TQM Beginner lessons
10 University
TQM 04.png

Education level 04.png

QBox4u Mediawiki

The following QBox4u extensions SOURCES are available for Training Purposes

QBox internal training Mediawiki backup Location
* Starting at Beginner Lessons 1 HalloWorld
* Create my first real boilerplate interface extension Newbie Lessons 1
* FlexImage demo page FlexImage


QBox WIKI Help
Tmap 04.JPG
Taiwan school information map
Education 01.jpg
School information pages
City school 01.jpg
City School information pages
qbox4u tech
Sandbox 03.png

Talk pages

Talk 01.png
School Talk pages
Talk 01.png
School City Talk pages